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Your Big Bathroom Conversions Guide

Bathroom conversions are the cure for outdated or dysfunctional bathrooms. Whether you want to improve the accessibility of your bathroom or swap out your unused bathtub for a new walk-in shower, a bathroom conversion specialist can help you achieve your goals. Most people spend 30 to 60 minutes in their bathrooms each day. It’s worth […]

Brilliant Ways to Green Up Bathroom Conversions

Bathroom conversion projects add value to your home while improving your quality of life. Something most homeowners may not consider is the waste and pollution they create during a bathroom renovation. The good news is you don’t have to live with that outdated bathroom or unsafe conditions like bathtubs that are too high to get […]

5 Reasons You Need a Bathroom Conversion

The average person spends 30 minutes a day in their bathroom. That’s roughly 182 hours a year consumed by brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or using the toilet. Make the most of your time with a bathroom conversion project that transforms this necessary room into a place that is beautiful and functional. Even small […]

Bathroom Conversions: Accessibility Matters

Bathroom conversions accomplish many goals. Most homeowners wish to replace outdated tubs with state-of-the-art showers that are easier to maintain. But there’s another reason to consider working with a bathroom conversion specialist near you: accessibility. As we age, our mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks become more challenging. Designing homes with accessibility in mind […]

Acrylic vs. Fiberglass Shower Bases

Choosing between acrylic and fiberglass shower bases is one of the many decisions homeowners must make when updating their bathrooms. Make the wrong choice, and it can impact your return on the investment (ROI). Bathroom remodels, when done the right way, yield the biggest returns by boosting your home’s resale value. Simple cosmetic changes produce […]

Cleaning Your Bathroom: Useful Tips

Cleaning your bathroom isn’t high on most people’s priority lists. No one likes spending valuable time cleaning their house when they could be doing something fun instead. It seems like even more of a punishment when the cleaning chore involves the bathroom. After all, it’s the one room in your house where you’re most likely […]

Doorless Showers for Your Bathroom Conversion Project

Trust us when we say you don’t really need a shower door. Who has time to remove the streaks (not to mention the hard water and soap scum stains)? Doorless showers for your bathroom conversion are a much better option. Glass shower doors require constant cleaning to look their best. If you don’t use the […]

How to Make Your Bathroom Safer

If you’re wondering how to make your bathroom safer, we have one word for you: prevention. Slips and falls getting in and out of the shower or tub are the most common way to get hurt. Accident-proofing your bathroom is an effective way to protect yourself, your family, and your guests. You can minimize slips […]

Walk-in Tubs Boost Safety, Relaxation

Walk-in tubs decrease the likelihood of slips and falls in the bathroom, making it possible to enjoy the benefits of taking a bath.

Refresh Your Bathroom on a Budget

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Nor does it require a complete overhaul. You can refresh your bathroom on a budget when you use a little creativity. If your bathtub is anything but inviting or your wallpaper is peeling and moldy, it’s time to start exploring your options. A few simple changes […]

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